Casa del cuscinetto di Sassuolo sells plastic materials, rubber materials and technical articles for the industry and professionals who need a quick supply and expert advice with transversal competences.

Our strength is in being able to meet in the short time supply of plastic materials due to high stock availability.

Below is an overview of products classified as “Plastics Material” available at our store.

We are able to meet demands and deliver on-demand services with the advice of our technicians and by our “worked design details service” We can adapt the standard product need custom.

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• Round – Tubes Junction – Plates
• Rigid PVC
• Flexible PVC
• Polyacetal
• Arnite
• Nylon
• Polyethylene
• Teflon

• Polypropylene
• Polycarbonate
• Methacrylate
• Profiles chains Guide
• Profiles straps Guide
• Extruded Profiles
• Polyurethane Articles
• Rubber products