Casa del cuscinetto is also specialized in supplying components for industrial pneumatics, we provide our experience and expertise in this area by offering a wide range of products for different fields of application.

We not only to sell components for pneumatic automation of prestigious brands, but we keep ourselves updated to ensure competence and technological support to meet all requests, even personalizing the most demanding needs with timely service and high technical content; the largest automobile manufacturer in the small workshop.
Casa del cuscinetto is available with its own technicians for qualified service, do not hesitate to contact our technical staff for more information.

Casa del Cuscinetto s.r.l. pneumatic cylinders and accessories

Below is an overview of the products classified as available Pneumatics at our store:

• Cilindri pneumatici
• Attuatori
• Vibratori
• Valvole
• Elettrovalvole
• Valvole a sfera
• Regolatori
• Filtri
• Lubrificatori
• Ripartitori

• Ripartitori
• Manometri
• Raccordi
• Giunti ed innesti
• Tubi Rilsan
• Tubi poliuretano
• Tubi silicone
• Tubi PTFE
• Spirali
• Pistole