Casa del cuscinetto di Sassuolo represents the FM historical brand manufacturer of components used primarily on plants for the production of ceramics, but the FM supply also includes components used in the automation industry in general, for woodworking machines, marble, glass, packaging , etc…

FM, in collaboration with its partners, including the House of Sassuolo bearing, is always looking for solutions and products that will be able to best meet the needs of end customers.

Casa del cuscinetto di Sassuolo is also an excellent partner for the production and processing of special components created by technical drawings.
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Plastic products for glazing lines
• Disk Packs for enamelling
• Accident prevention guards
• Supports
• Adjustment Systems
• Pulleys – Needle rollers – Wheels
• Rotor – Propellers – Knobs
• Air valves regulating
• Sliding Profiles
• Roller conveyors cantilevered
• Transport Roller conveyors
• Roller conveyors Easyroll
• Blower