Casa del Cuscinetto is specialized in the distribution of industrial technical articles and various kinds of products for the construction and maintenance of plant, machinery and automation of different types in various sectors.

The selection of materials and tools that we make available is very wide, thanks to the large size of our stock, over time we have specialized to satisfy , in short order, the most varied demands of customers operating mainly in the ceramics area but not only.

Thanks also to major customers and the extreme professionality that constantly we try to ensure by force of a qualified internal staff, Casa del cuscinetto di Sassuolo buffer quickly becomes a point of reference in the sector of the industrial supply in the territory.

The venue comprises an area of over 1000 square meters where management, administration and warehouse work closely together to ensure a workflow at peak efficiency.
The catalog consists of over 8,000 articles divided into 5 main categories, without neglecting the important special processing service.

Following are our suggestions:

Adesivi lubrificanti sbloccanti
Imballaggio – pulizia – protezione
Materiale Plastico
Riduttori – motori elettrici
Tubi per fluidi