Casa del cuscinetto offers a wide range of products for the maintenance and repair industry: thread locker, lock bearings, flexible seals, anaerobic adhesives and sealants for industrial use.

Blockers designed to fix the cylindrical metal assemblies for equipment, for the fastening of bearings in the housings and of the tabs into their grooves.

For clamping bolts and assembly screws we have thread locker applications with variable resistors so as to make them suitable with a wide range of threaded closures.

Below is an overview of products classified as “Stickers – Lubricants – Unblockers” available at our store, asking for support to our technical staff will be easier to identify the most suitable product.

• Adhesives and sealants anaerobic
• Adhesives and sealants cyanoacrylate
• Adhesives and silicone sealants
• Threadlocking
• Lubricants
• Fats
• Unblockers
• Detergents
• Degreasers
• Protective
• Cold galvanizing