Casa del Cuscinetto Sassuolo can offer gearboxes variators and electric motors suitable to work in different types of industrial environments.
The units supplied are compatible with the main directives and are easy to use and maintenance.

Innovation, quality, technology and service are the values on which the brands that we market are based to provide advanced technology solutions in the field of transmission parts.

For all information on the compatibility of the mechanical gearboxes can easily contact our support by filling out the form on our “Contact” page. Our experts will help you in the selection and purchase of the suitable mechanical gearboxes and compatible for your work.

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Mechanical gearboxes with qualified assistance

Casa del cuscinetto di Sassuolo is at your disposal for a qualified service, do not hesitate to contact our technical staff for more information.

Below is an overview of the products classified as gearboxes and electric motors available at our store.

• Worm gearboxes end
• Reducers Coaxial
• Variable speed controllers
• Torque arms
• Bushings
• Bevel gearbox
• Electric motors