Casa del Cuscinetto di Sassuolo has a wide choice of tubes for the various product needs ranging from the tubes for the gardening, rubber hoses for suction and discharge of water and fluids, pipes for pneumatic systems, tubes resistant to high temperatures.

It starts from the standard pipe for general use, to move to the tube with specifications and specific technical necessity, very flexible, very robust, with spiral PVC or steel, rigid impact-resistant and crush resistant, corrugated surface, resistant to weathering, resistant to chemicals, resistant to high temperatures, etc ..

Below is an overview of products classified as “tubes” available at our store.

• Gardening Pipes
• Industrial tubes
• Hoses spare parts
• Agricultural irrigation pipes
• Suction pipes and discharge fumes / shavings
• Suction pipes and discharge liquids
• Compressed air hoses
• PVC pipes coating rollers
• Flexible tubes cooling
• Flexible hoses for ventilation
• Flexible tubes gas and fume extraction
• medium and high temperature tubes