Casa del cuscinetto di Sassuolo has a large selection of rotary and longitudinal movement Transmission components.

We can provide pinions, crowns, gears, bevel gear pairs, pulleys with trapezoidal grooves, which allow you to transmit motion to mechanical units.
In addition to the main elements which manage the mechanical motion, Casa del cuscinetto di Sassuolo, also it provides all the accessories to complement this range as: flexible couplings, chains, belts, gear racks, grooved bars, TPN screws, etc …

Casa del cuscinetto di Sassuolo, also provides the service of “worked in Design details”  if you are missing a particular interest in our standard proposals, we can build it to your specifications.

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Below is an overview of the products classified as available Transmission components at our store.

• Pinions
• Sprockets for Compass
• Crowns
• bevel gear pairs
• Toothed wheels
• toothed bars
• Toothed plates
• pulleys with trapezoidal grooves
• adjustable pulleys
• Pulleys Compass
• Closing Compasses
• tensioner roller
• Gears

• Gear Racks
• Roller chains
• Locking Assemblies
• Elastic joints
• Torque limiters
• trapezoidal cinghe
• Toothed belt
• Polyurethane Belts
• Straps self-sealing
• Chain-Pinions-crowns for motorcycles
• Barre-grooved bushings
• Screws – nut screw TPN